Walls and Water…

Making animation

Walls and Water was a huge success – over three hundred people came and took part, contributing to a collective animation and recording their stories, memories, and responses to the canals and the built environment in Brindleyplace. Lots of people contributed to a couple of collective poems,  Still Water, Still Here and Highways past and present.

Recording stories

The city in microcosm: We got a glimpse of the wildly diverse stories that people are walking around the  city with – here’s a flavour of what people wrote on ribbons, and tied on to the bridge for others to read:

We’re scout leaders walking a 20-mile circuit. Next Fazeley Canal up to Spaghetti. Eight hours, I reckon   ◊   We are from Mexico, Italy, Uruguay, Portugal, India, Brazil ◊   We’ve just been to the Hindu temple ◊   The same wind that freezes me, freezes my daughter Jasmine in Ohio, and warms my daughter Gala in Grand Cayman…    ◊   We are going to see the Saxon gold which is 1400 years old!   ◊   In memoriam Margaret Winter, adored mother, due to see Anton and Erin for her 81st birthday. Wish you were here, Mom. We love you   ◊   I fish in the canal. I’ve caught roach, perch, bream, up to 2-3lbs     ◊   Good Fortune by Hong Kong Polytechnic University   ◊   Merci á mes enfants de m’accompagner en ces moments difficiles   ◊   Just mooching, ambling along   ◊   Love Birmingham. Love every human    ◊ writing on ribbons

2 thoughts on “Walls and Water…

  1. Hi
    Saw you on Saturday 12th Feb in the ICC when mom and I sat and gave memories of the canals and how they played a part in our lives Just looked at your site and there we are sat in the ring of lights When will you be putting the sound track of the recordings you made on the site, cant wait to hear them
    Brilliant idea this project There are people who dont realise the canals are even there!!!
    Keep up the good work
    Jo Lloyd

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback, Jo, and for taking part in our event! We’re in the process of compiling all the sound clips and hope to put some up here soon, so check back in a week or so.

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