Breathing The Sky CBSO – 2008

Mandy Ross’s poem ‘Breathing The Sky’ explores climate change in a range of different voices. The poem formed the heart of a project delivered in partnership with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO). The project culminated in a memorable performance at the CBSO Centre in 2008.

Each school took a verse of the poem, and worked with musicians and artists to interpret it in a range of art forms: masks and movement, music, creative writing and drama.

Pyn Stockman created masks and movement with Fox Hollies School in conjunction with CBSO cellist Jackie Tyler and further dramatic interpretations using Sound Beam with Bournville Secondary School.

Sun Mask - Fox Hollies School

The success of the Fox Hollies collaboration and the rich material provided by the original piece led Mandy and Pyn to develop a combined arts approach. They combine mask, movement and writing both in their own practices and as part of their community and educational projects.

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