50 word mini-story: Mandy’s challenge

50 word mini-story

Choose one of the 7 story types:
quest, tragedy, comedy, journey and return, rags to riches, rebirth, overcoming the monster.
Write a 50 word mini-story, which includes a bird.

Here are some of our first stories. Add your own via the comments box below email your story to secretcityarts@gmail.com and we will upload.

Canadian geese:
a tragedy for our much loved mallards!!
Invaders who devour bread thrown by eager two year olds – wellies on –  breed and winter in parks when once they flew away.
Should we eat them, force-fly them home,
or learn to love their ‘large white throats and distinctive black heads’?
–      ­Jo Skelt

The light grows less day by day. Dry leaves fall; the air turns sharp. My wings stretch with yearning, and I feel their strength—muscles and feathers nourished by summer’s bounty. She is beside me, and together we rise. A secret compass guides us as we journey to the sun.
– Ronne Randall

Flying back north. Weeks on the wing. The steady rhythm of my wings above the wind. Colder air bringing the promise of spring, moist and green.
As Africa fades, the nest looms, the clutch of open mouths; soon, the fledglings, the first terrifying wingbeats. The year turns in liquid song.
– ffewsh

A View From The Window
‘What do you spy Mr Crow on top twisted metal spire?’  Cat calls from window ledge.
‘More riches than you can ever imagine or dream of earthbound creature. See now I swoop with ebony black wings catching the sparkling night of rain fall in a Winter’s Sky.’
– Pyn

‘Bring me a nightingale’s song,’ raged the sleepless queen. ‘If I sleep, your people shall go free.’
The boy went into the forest, taking neither net nor cage. He wove wind, wolf, tree, sky and moon into a lullaby.
In the silent palace, the queen dreamt nightingale song and freedom.
– Mandy

The Guardian-Angel-Bird scoured the Earth seeking a soul-mate for his beautiful mortal charge.
Quantum, he pulsed and waved in his quest.
And still single.  
The Bird drew the man ever closer until the mortal pair locked eyes, each believing it a chance encounter.
– Susie Kaufman

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