Day 1 Plantsbrook

On a fantastically sunny autumn day Secret City took flight to Plantsbrook Nature Reserve – a fabulous secret wild, green space tucked behind the houses near Pype Hayes Park in north Birmingham.

Plantsbrook image courtesy of Marcus Belben

We perched on the Arts Bus where we were joined by Martin from RSPB (who brought a wealth of knowledge and some bird stories of his own) and the Park Rangers running an Autumn Collage event.

Over 50 people came and took part, adding paper-sculpture birds to our ever-growing flock, sketching or writing as they journeyed through the reserve, and then folding it into secret writing as they made origami birds led by volunteer Joe Shotton.

Participants recorded their stories and experiences, wrote and placed feathers, contributed to a collective poem and heard others’ stories at the pigeon listening post.

Thank you to everyone who came along.


1 thought on “Day 1 Plantsbrook

  1. How dust though know
    but that each bird
    that cleaves the airy way,
    Is not, entire unto itself,
    a world of pure delight?
    PB Shelley

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