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I am passionate about creative performance making with young people. It uses and develops so many skills artistic and social. Below are sample projects from 2010 – 2011

Shakespeare Goes Forth – Rookery Primary School KS2

Working with a fantastically talented Year 6 from Rookery Primary School (and their teachers) We created a whole building performance that explored The Glory, The Reality and The Legacy of War.

The Reality of War - Small Room

In the main space the students performed in the round weaving together a deliberatley physical style, powerful drumming and Shakespearean text with the skill of professional performers.

The two small rooms provided the spectators with intimate performances using shadow work, World War One Poetry, Shakepearean text, film and classical Indian Dance.

The spaces were linked by ‘The Trench’ created by Secret City shadow artist Sam Green while I worked with students and producer Marc Reck to turn a WW1 poem into a soundtrack.

Shakespeare Goes Forth – The Trench Soundtrack by dramask

Start With Theatre – Hansel and Gretel & Rumplestiltskin Warwick Arts Centre KS1

In this storytelling theatre project I worked with KS1 in two primary schools. This meant creating 2 big performances with 120 children in each. It was really important that the text came from the groups rather than having it written for them so we played, we devised, we made rhymes, we rehearsed and we spun round on the floor and if that wasn’t enough the performances were stunning.

Parents Comments from Hansel and Gretel

Confidence Building – Brooke Special School KS3&KS4

From September 2010 to July 2011 I spent one day a week working with students from Brooke School, initially as lead artist on a Creative Partnerships Mathematics Project and then in the Summer Term with a selected group to develop self esteem and confidence. The approach was to make a ‘performance’ that would help younger students in transition between year groups. Through role play, puppetry, discussion and by asking the group to problem solve every aspect of putting together a performance ‘Buster Saves The Day’ was devised, debated, photographed and recorded. Students defended their ideas, took on leading roles, worked together and in the final presentation led one of our warm ups for most of the school.

Buster Saves the Days by dramask

Audio file edited by Marc Reck

Songs of Sanctuary (CSB)  Awareness Raising Workshops

I have been part of the Celebrating Sanctuary Festival in a number of ways since 2005, creating performances with schools, young people and adults, and running arts workshops. This year I was asked to deliver a series of awareness raising workshops in primary schools the results of which were to be shared at at the festival. Using dramatic exercises, processing techniques, freeze framing and discussion we explored ideas of ‘a safe place’.

Feelings and actions for leaving home

This is an abridged edit (by Marc Reck) that combines the work of all the schools that took part.

Celebrating Sanctuary Edited for Web by dramask


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