Plantsbrook stay or go?

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Plantsbrook stay or go?
A collective poem written on the Mobile Arts Unit

Summer was green leaves and sky-blue sunshine
But now our tree glows fire and gold.
The sun is still warm, and tasty caterpillars are coming out to be eaten.
For the ant, the worm, happiness is short-lived.
Bright eye, sharp beak, gulped down,
Then back to the fat-balls and a fight with the squirrel for the sunflower seeds hung on the washing line.
The colours of autumn envelop me, leaves dance and swirl, a short burst of nature’s inspiration.
Here by the stream, willows weep and bend to the dappled water,
Mirror lakes and hidden mushrooms form new soil for spring.
I spy berries, lily pads and broken snail shells, moss and bulrushes,
coots and mallards, sparrows, moorhens, pigeons.
Blue tits chatter and dart,
the woodpecker hides high in the tree.

But soon there’ll be no leaves to hide in.
Autumn gold will turn cold winter monochrome.
It is time.
The longest journey begins with a wing-beat, an updraft.
My wings spread wide as I soar through the sky,
over streets and trees, over Spaghetti Junction,
high over Star City, where bright lights flash,
shouting, laughter, music booming like a disco in the sky.
On, on, over the city, fields, seas and mountains.
My second home is Africa, and I am late.

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