Erdington – Living Stories Audio Archive

Thank you to all the wonderful people who took the time and shared their stories, jokes and experiences. Enjoy !

Walks with my dad by Secret City

Spy Birds by Secret City

Project Pigeon by Secret City

Pigeon Tales by Secret City

Pigeon Hide Outs by Secret City

Pigeon Fancier by Secret City

Expensive Hobby by Secret City

Birds in Mauritius by Secret City

Birds and Spirituality by Secret City

Bird Jokes, Music and Memories by Secret City

A Beloved Brother In Pakistan by Secret City

1 thought on “Erdington – Living Stories Audio Archive

  1. I attended on the day and one of these sound files is mine. It is great to be able to listen to other people’s stories after the event – it continues the community experience and gives the listener some idea of how other people see the world around them, not just birds.

    It is interesting that the man spoke about birds and spirituality and how he often finds them appearing in his life as some sort of sign or symbol, and later we find the lady from Pakistan has been reminded of her brother and his pigeons. This is at a time when he is obviously in her thoughts anyway, but this encounter with the Secret City team gave her the opportunity to speak fondly of him and to ask others to think of him. If she is reading this I want her to know that at least one person has said a prayer for him as a result. I hope he is better soon.

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