Day 3 Brookvale Park, Erdington


Look north, look south by Stefi Popescu

Brrrrr! It was a wintry day in Brookvale Park, Erdington. We took inspiration from the migrating birds who fly in from the even colder north: Here’s a snippet of our collective poem, World under our Wings.

Turning tail on the cold North Pole,
our beaks point to a warmer tomorrow.
No need for a map, winging on, on, over mountains, seas,
over borders, the world under our wings,
on, on, south, onwards,
our tired wings beating the last miles
to Brookvale’s deep water…

You can read the rest of the poem by clicking here.

Pyn was recording stories and memories of birds in the park, as well as making spectacular bird-masks with people who braved the cold.
Thanks again to our hardy volunteers, Fali and photographer Stefi.

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