Days 4-6 Nesting beside Children’s Centres

Children's Centre fledglings making paper birds to fly

We fly over the flyover,
swoop under the motorway.
Our high way’s the sky way,
We’re free to fly.

Gravity glues you humans to the ground
but we fly over the flyover…
Click here to read the rest of the poem

The Arts Bus has perched beside several Children’s Centres around Birmingham (Keystone Children’s Centre, Tame Valley and St Thomas Attwood Green).. We have had some great sessions working with children, parents, staff and members of the community, as well as neighbouring schools.

Mums helping to make a swan

Children from Tame Valley Community School did some fine writing about birds in their neighbourhood, including this one based on a poem by Anna Kamienska

What’s it like to be a human
asked the bird

We can walk, not fly
we can run and jump, but not in the sky
we can ice skate
we can talk, tell stories
we can use a knife and fork…

That’s funny, said the bird
and flew effortlessly up into the sky
Read the rest here

Recording migration stories from around the world

Thanks to all who took part!

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