Day 7: storms over Edgbaston Reservoir

The Lord Mayor adds a line to our collective poem

Birds and humans were drenched and blown about on Edgbaston Reservoir, but we were snug, nesting on the Arts Bus. We had a very productive day helping to celebrate the reservoir’s new Nature Reserve status, alongside the RSPB, Friends of Edgbaston Reservoir, and the rangers.

We are coots and moorhens, herring gulls, grebes,
even ospreys catching a quick glimpse of silver fins

in grey-silver water, by the golden temple,
battered and blown by howling winds,
here at Thomas Telford’s inner city sea…

Click here to read the rest of our collective poem, Silver Water, Golden Temple

Writing the birds...



Imagining a bird's secret life...

More to follow… Thanks to all who took part!

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