Stories from High Street Erdington

We’ve had a great time creating stories inspired by the High Street, Erdington, with members of A4B. We dreamed up our stories, made all sorts of fabulous artwork, wrote and recorded scripts, and planned costumes. Then on two very exciting days at A4B during February half term, Pyn and cameraman Liam D’Authreau rehearsed and filmed all four films using a green screen. Then there was a whole lot of editing and behind-the-scenes production work by Marc Reck to put all the elements together to make these four fabulous films – links below. More about the process of making the stories and films to follow here.

Story 1: Athene’s Salon

Athene 2 inset

Athene’s Salon, Erdington, was THE place for the latest styles and weaves. But Athene wasn’t too pleased when Arachne came in, boasting she did the best weaves in town… Meanwhile, Medusa’s story in Erdington may not be what you’re expecting.
Our film telling the whole story is coming soon.

Story 2: Baker, Baker
Once a young lad called Jack got a job at a baker’s shop here in Erdington. The baker baked perfect rolls. But he had a VERY bad temper.

Baker, Baker 1 main image

One day the baker told Jack to bake a batch of rolls – ready for 4 o’clock next morning. Well, Jack had all sorts of good ideas. But the baker didn’t like them.

Watch our film to find out how the bread got baked…

Baker, Baker film,

Baker, Baker film, based on a traditional tale about Til Eulenspiegel

Story 3: Get the Rhythm at Mothers Studio

Mothers 2 blue plaque inset

At Mothers Erdington,
The home of good sounds.
Long live boogaroo!
Shingaling and boogaroo.
Come blow your mind.
Get a nice groove on.
Shingaling and boogaroo.
Dance through (dance through) till 2!

What went on at Mothers Studio, voted world’s best rock venue in 1969 and 1970? We didn’t know the whole story, so we made one up…

Click here to watch our film

Mothers 1 poster can you brighten this one

And we made a groovy poster, if we do say so ourselves!

Story 4: Down in Orphanage Road…
January 1908. Albert, Vera and little Flo live in the Josiah Mason Orphanage.  But they miss their big brother. He’s gone to work as an apprentice at Mason’s Pen Factory. Will they ever see him again? Watch our film to find out.

Orphanage- 2 inset Colour

Will they ever see their big brother again?