Summer in Southside

Secret City Arts at Birmingham Hippodrome’s Summer in Southside: (from left) writer Mandy Ross, storyteller Pyn Stockman and musician Ann Jones (photo Marc Reck)

Secret City Arts brought stories, music and a taste of midnight magic to the Hippodrome’s Summer in Southside 2017. Here’s our freshly-made Ballad of Southside, accompanied and recorded by Ann Jones and Daz Adderley of Bridge Arts and Music.

Outdoors in the Arcadian umbrella¬† – a tale of danger, courage and a happy ending in Southside.¬† With the help of the fox, Jack and Jill went to retrieve the stolen golden apples from the evil witch, who’d put a curse on Southside forest



The fox invited contributions for his midnight feast…

… and we invited contributions in our huge Southside concertina storybook

Indoors in the Birmingham Hippodrome, getting ready for the cow and the donkey’s dance, wearing Pyn’s masks

Spellbound audiences! Here they are joining in with owls they’ve made, as the owl swoops down to steal a golden apple


We made a curtain of ribbon stories featuring foxes, owls, evil witches and other characters from the story

Oscar told us his own story about Oscar the Fox

All sorts of fun had by all