Tell It To The Bees – Dying Matters Week

Tell It To The Bees – Dying Matters Week
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This event has been inspired by the folk tradition of telling the bees of a death or important life event. And it is just the start of a project! We’d be delighted if you could join us.
What to expect:

We’ll show you how to make a paper segment of a honeycomb and invite you to capture a memory or message within it.

We’ll invite you to send us what you make and it will become part of our “Hive of Memories”
The Hive of Memories will be displayed at events and performances in Birmingham/the region later in the year. 

To take part:

We’ll send you:
– a link to the video when it is finished  – you will be able to watch it anytime after 15th May
– a link to the live session
      Date: Friday 15th May
Time: 4 – 4.30pm 
We’ll be making and chatting about “Telling The Bees if you would like some company!