“I feel so much effort went into it, and it was really good. Now I feel proud.” Dhanyaal, age 10, about making animation

“I’d like the playscheme to last longer so I’d make bigger animations, more writing and drama and sound. More! Loads of everything! I thought this was the best playscheme I’ve ever been to!” Poppy, age 8

“I learned that if you’re going to do something creative you can’t just rush, you’ve got to think about it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative.” Joe, age 10

“I liked doing sounds and animation because I have never done these in my life. This was a chance to do some fun here in the playscheme.” Shamiala, age 10

“Excellent presentations and appropriate content/activities… I’ll implement all activities/ideas/concepts and methods of teaching I have seen.” Staff member

“Fantastic ideas on something so simple yet very creative.” Staff member

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