Our Methods

Out of school and into the forest

Barn Owl flight in the community room
(photo Murdock Ramone)

Using a field trip or real experience as stimulus for creative work, participants work alongside the artists, making animations, sound art, writing, masks and drama. Our emphasis is on the creative process, but can culminate in a performance to show the work to an invited audience of family, friends and the local community.

Secret City’s artists seek to collaborate closely with each other, agencies, participants and the local community to develop original and inspiring projects. Each project is unique, planned in response to the local needs and environment. We offer training for key workers in each art form, to help develop a range of skills that can continue to be used after the project is finished.

Secret City’s artists are constantly developing their own practice, seeking new ways to cross-fertilise and combine their work to offer participants a more creative and satisfying experience.

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