For more information about Secret City Arts please get in touch by phone or by email.

Mandy Ross 0121 449 9686

Pyn Stockman 07828 766714

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi, when can we expect the Brookvale Park poem? I’m hosting a Bygone Brookvale Park event on 7th April between 2pm and 7pm and I’d love to be able to include the poem as part of the event. Cheers Si Hensley.

  2. Hello Mandy or Pyn,

    I am the Y1 teacher and Extended Partnership Coordinator at Brookvale Primary school. We are looking to do a project about Brookvale Lake in the autumn term, and having come across your website I was wondering what you have to offer that might tie into this project.

    Many thanks and I lookforward to hearing from you,

    Andrea Standen

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